On Valentine's Day

perfect storm what will i do without you i wish you could see my love and weakness i have for you thru my eyes just for a moment waking up besides you is like finding hope over and over again if i had

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January 13, 2018

On Valentine's Day,
There's Cards and Roses.
No need for acts or lies or poses.
Cos' there is only one thing you need to know,
As there is only one feeling you need to show.
You need to be honest, clean and sincere.
So here it goes loud and clear,
My love for you is so very great,
And it has been up to this date.
But still I'll remain your silent lover,
And leave you wondering who's undercover.
I love you storm with all my heart,
And ache all the time we are apart.
This poem of love is from me too you,
No matter how you feel or what you do.

--- easypoem ---

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